МТФ Прием 2011

Degree Programme: Industrial Technologies (IT)

Degree Bachelor
Form of training full-time study
Duration 4 years
Completion diploma thesis
Admission Competition with documents under the general requirements for admission to TU - Sofia

Access to further training

Graduating in "Industrial Technologies" bachelors can apply to competition on documents and to continue their education in degree "Master". Excellent students from here can be sent under the "Erasmus" program for training and preparing a thesis in leading European universities.


FIT supports multiple connections and partnerships with foreign universities and many businesses. Therefore, training in the specialty is in line with the latest advances in technology, and educational and research programs of leading European universities in England, Germany, France, Italy and others.

A common feature of training

In "Industrial Technologies" preparing large-profile engineers and technology-oriented opportunities for different areas of modern industry. The universal nature of the course is built on solid fundamental, general and specialized technical, practical training in industrial technology and management processes with a focus on engineering, metallurgy, mining, basic manufacturing processes, production equipment and technological equipment, as well as organization of production, management and marketing, quality assurance, methods and means of processing information flows.

Educational and professional goals

Successful graduates must:
· to be familiar with industrial equipment and technologies and their application in engineering practice, and have expertise in manufacturing processes;
· Be able to participate in the creative design process, both conceptual and detailed level of development;
· have acquired skills to work in teams and have a sense of social, legal and humanitarian aspects of the engineering profession.

Realization of successful graduates

Training on "Industrial Technologies" provides a broad base of theoretical knowledge and practical skills to design, research and production activities in the field of industrial techniques and technologies, enabling graduates to find good acceptance in the public and private companies in Bulgaria and abroad. Graduates will be able to:
- Development, design and manage the efficient processes;
- Designed and manufactured workpieces, components and products, tool and tool equipment based on CAD / CAM technology;
- Develop main programs and set technological and production systems with CNC by using of CAD / CAM;
- to manage a control on materials, preparations, products and processes;
- maintain, repair and modernize technological equipment, machinery and equipment, serving systems, and others;
- Carry out planning and control of manufacturing processes to optimize the loading of equipment, - perform process management control and quality assurance;
- Carry out the organization and management of production, control and support units, supply management and operational management of production processes at corporate level and the overall activity of small and medium-sized companies.

Graduates can work as engineers, designers and engineers, quality control managers, production managers, operation, repair and maintenance of 4 production and other equipments, technical managers, corporate departments, leading specialists in small and medium enterprises in all areas of industry as engineering and metallurgy, heavy engineering, transport engineering, light and food industry, special proceedings, domestic engineering, shop - floor factories and repair units, logistics centers and more. Experts Graduates have a long tradition for the realization of the state administration, supervisory authorities, agencies, and many other services.