МТФ Прием 2011


Degree Master
Form of training Regular and distance form of education
Duration 1 year of regular and 1 year distance form of education
Completion Thesis
Admission Competition with documents under the general requirements for admission in Technical University of Sofia

Access to further education

Graduate masters of the "Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing" can continue their "PhD"" can continue their "PhD" degree education in Technical University of Sofia or abroad in appropriate scientific fields. Excellent students can be sent abroad with the "Erasmus+" program, for training and preparing a thesis in leading European universities. And also it is provides a direct cooperation with industry leading companies to establishing a direct connection between the students and industrial environment.


Education in this specialty is in line with the latest CAD/CAM/CAE technologies and tools for three-dimensional modeling, virtual engineering and management of engineering information. Also this specialty corresponds to educational and research programs of leading European universities in England, Germany, France, Italy, etc.

General characteristics of education

Education in Master’s degree of "Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing" provides a solid and thorough preparation in the main disciplines and in the most modern computing tools and technologies including three-dimensional modeling, virtual engineering, engineering analysis and simulations, management of engineering information and databases for efficient design of high-tech products and systems and developing technological processes of modern industry. Graduated engineers will have training in the methods and resources of information technologies, integrated CAD / CAM / CAE and PLM systems, virtual engineering in industry, research and development as well as new products and systems and new processes.

Educational and professional aims

The aim of master degree is to give thorough education in fundamental disciplines such as upgrade of study in the degree "Bachelor". To achieve greater mobility of the graduates, emphasis is given to applied disciplines that provide knowledge and skills corresponding to the current level of development of CAD / CAM / CAE technologies and techniques. Successful graduates of this program must:

Implementation of graduates

Experience shows that engineers who have received thorough education in the methods and means of information technology, integrated CAD / CAM / CAE and PLM systems and virtual engineering in industry very successfully start their career in several areas such as: small and medium companies in the field of tool manufacturing; companies in the field of manufacturing components and assemblies with international market; engineering companies in the field of industrial automation and internal factory logistics; manufacturers of machinery and equipment; development of new products; consulting companies specializing in implementation of information technology and CAD/CAM/CAE and PLM systems in enterprises. A big part of graduations work in European companies with businesses in Bulgaria, as in many Western European companies and institutes in the field of computer technology in the industry.